RHS Young School Gardeners of the Year 2018

Supported by Gabriel Ash

Jjay Crocker
15 years old from Langham Oaks School, Colchester
KS4/S3-4 Finalist

About Jjay

When Jjay started working in the garden he was unsure of himself, but he has grown into a confident and skilled gardener who is always keen to help out with the muckiest jobs, even in dreadful weather. He is very conscious of growing organically and is keen to encourage beneficial insects into the area.

Judges' comments

"It’s great to hear that Jjay is becoming more and more confident through working in the garden, and the way he mentors others is brilliant."

"We were really impressed by Jjay's indepth understanding of plant propogation, and his ability to share horticultural knowledge with others in a clear and accessible way. The school's brilliant link with Adnams restaurants has clearly given him a great sense of responsibility and confidence."

Jjay's entry video


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