RHS School Gardening Awards Level 4

Achievement checklist

To achieve this level, you should be able to answer yes to the following statements:

  • We can use tools like a professional gardener to dig, rake and sow
  • We know how to protect our plants against the weather, pests and diseases
  • We can plan seasonally to harvest produce throughout the year
  • We know how to use the produce from our garden
  • We raise funds to buy seeds, plants and equipment for our garden

If you’ve said yes to these statements, you’re ready to submit!

Submit evidence

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Need a helping hand?

You may find the following resources useful to help you achieve this award level:

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Reward for this level

Groups/schools will receive a Super Seed Bundle of Mr Fothergill's seeds worth over £100, giving you something to sow or harvest all year round.

Home educators and childminders will receive the certificate and a selection of seeds to grow at home.

How to achieve this level

Write around 200 words about a cookery session using your own produce, a cross-curricular project based around the garden or a garden enterprise idea you have used to raise money.

We’d also like you to upload six photos to illustrate your project or activity, and a supporting document, e.g. a recipe, lesson plan, poster or budget.

We've won awards!

Winner of the Drum Marketing Awards 2017
Winner of the ERA 2017 awards
Winner of the Third Sector 2017 awards