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How much does it cost to take part?

It is free to take part in the School Gardening Awards.

Who can take part in the School Gardening Awards?

UK schools, groups (private nurseries, playgroups, youth groups and youth clubs) and home educators/childminders.

Is there an age limit on who can take part in the School Gardening Awards? 

The Awards are for schools, groups and childminders/home educators gardening with children and young people aged 2-18 (or aged 2-25 for those gardening with young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).

How many children and young people should be taking part? 

We would love to see all children in every school taking part and gaining the benefits gardening brings. For schools and groups please show how at least 10 children or young people have been involved when you submit evidence for the Awards.
For home educators/child minders please submit evidence for the total number of children that you are home educating/child minding, rather than for each individual child.

How does taking part in the School Gardening Awards support pupil wellbeing? 

The School Gardening Awards support pupil wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Improved physical wellbeing through increased activity and encouraging healthy eating
  • Improved emotional wellbeing through an increased connection with nature
  • Building life skills such as teamwork, resilience and confidence
  • Linking gardening to the Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing

Do we need to complete the School Gardening Awards in order?

Yes, the Awards are designed to be completed from Level 1 onwards, progressing in order and finishing at Level 5.

My school completed Level 5 a few years ago, can we start from Level 1 again?

Yes, you can start again from Level 1 if five years have elapsed since Level 5 was achieved. Please email schoolgardening@rhs.org.uk if this is the case for your school so we can reset your account. 

My school has achieved Levels 4 and 5, but not Levels 1, 2 and 3, can we now complete Levels 1-3?

No, please continue working your way through the awards. For example if the school has Levels 1 and 2 already, please work towards Level 3. (This applies even if your school completed any of the Levels 1-4 more than five years ago).

Is there a time limit to submit evidence?

No, you can take as long as you like to work your way through the levels, and submit the evidence at any point in the year.

Can we submit evidence for more than one level of the School Gardening Awards at once?


I have just submitted evidence for a School Gardening Award, when will we hear if we have achieved the level?

Evidence is assessed twice a month.  Once this has taken place you will receive an email to let you know that your account status has changed, you can then log in to your account to see that you have achieved the Award.  If we need any further information to help us assess your submission, we will be in touch by email to let you know.

We’ve achieved a School Gardening Award, when will we receive our reward?

After receiving the email to let you know your account status has changed, the reward will be sent to your school within 10 working days. This may be longer over school holiday periods.

My school is a Defence Children Services School. Can we join the Campaign for School Gardening?

Yes, Defence Children Services Schools are welcome to join the Campaign. Please look for your school in our dropdown list on the registration page. Unfortunately, we are not able to send seeds overseas, so your School Gardening Award rewards will include certificates, digital logos, books and National Garden Gift Vouchers (depending on the level achieved).

My school is in Northern Ireland, will we receive any seeds?

Due to postal restrictions, we are only able to send seeds to schools in England, Scotland and Wales. Schools in Northern Ireland will receive the growing year calendar in their welcome packs, and certificates, digital logos, books and National Garden Gift Vouchers as School Gardening Award rewards.

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