Grow Social

Gardening can bring people together, helping to connect us with each other, ourselves and with nature. That is why we are encouraging you to make new connections in your community by growing together in April 2020.

What is Grow Social?

Grow Social, our brand-new initiative for 2020, is designed to bring people together using the power of plants.

Loneliness is a major health concern in the UK, affecting people of many backgrounds, ages and locations, and has been shown to be linked to poor physical and mental health.

Through our work we have seen how plants can bring people together in multiple ways and how the act of growing and caring for plants has many benefits for wellbeing, as well as the environment.

Grow Social is designed to give you the opportunity to share what you love about plants with other people in your community by holding an event so that many more people can benefit from being involved, either by just enjoying your space, using their skills or learning new ones, all while having the chance to socialise and chat.

We've put together a number of resources to provide you with some tools and inspiration to help you to:

  • connect with others in your community
  • inspire people to try something new or share their own skills
  • empower people to be involved, by welcoming them in and sharing what you do

How does it work?

We are inviting groups, schools and people to host an event where others in your community can feel comfortable to join in, try new things or just have a good chat. Events can be whatever you make them, all we ask is that you try to involve plants in some way. For example you could host a nature walk, a tea tasting, a planting session or a botanical craft session - the brief is wide open as we want to see your creativity shine!

To help with your planning, we have created a Grow Social pack containing our top tips plus some fun bits and bobs, from posters and stickers to conversation-starter cards and seeds, to help you make your event a success. We also have lots of great downloadable resources.  

Fill in the sign-up form below to register for your free pack.

Who can take part?

Anyone can host an event but you may find it easier to host as part of a group or in partnership with another local group. We don’t mind how you shape your event, we just hope we can inspire you to share your passion for plants with others.

Why should you take part?

Grow Social is about helping people feel more connected, particularly people who may be feeling isolated or lonely.

But we also hope that Grow Social will give you the opportunity to achieve a number of your own goals such as:

  • sharing your love of plants, gardening and/or the outdoors
  • meeting new people
  • creating new links in your local community
  • finding new volunteers if you need them
  • raising awareness of your work in the community
  • raising money for your group or a charity

When can you host an event?

We would love events to take place in April 2020, as that is a great time to sow seeds, carry out planting activities or immerse yourself in nature. And if we can get events happening around the same time, it'll help create more of a buzz!

However, we are conscious that April may not work for everyone, so you can host your event at a later date if you wish. Plus if it's successful, maybe you could make your event a regular occurrence.

Good luck!

Grow Social 2020

Gardening can bring people together, helping to connect us with each other, ourselves and with nature.

That's why we are encouraging you to make new connections in your community by growing together in April 2020.

Keep in touch

We can’t wait to hear how you get on!

Use #growsocial to give us a glimpse of how you’re making our resources your own and are preparing for your event, ahead of time. We’d also love to see lots of photos of your Grow Social event!


Helpful resources and info

Use these printable resources to spread some sunshine to others and make your event a success!

Sunflower bunting template 

Event invitation template

Thank you card template

Certificate template - if you have young people taking part in your event, you might like to give them a certificate for taking part

'Money raised' poster template - you can use this if you raise money as part of your event

Grow a sunflower - how to sow and grow your sunflower seeds. 

Sunflower growing - read our top tips on growing these 'happy plants'.

Further reading:
If you want to understand more about loneliness and social isolation in the UK, you can read the Government's 2018  Loneliness Strategy, A connected society

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