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Growing vegetables

A vegetable garden is an excellent teaching resource and will provide great enjoyment and satisfaction to all involved. Plus lots or yummy food!

Grow your own lunch

Learn to prepare, sow, plant and grow your own tasty lunch. Use these sixteen activities split into four sessions, to get growing.

Planning a soup bed

Plan your soup bed, ready for planting and growing your own soup. Turn the crops you grow into soup to share with your family, school or community.

Activity of the week

How to grow potatoes in containers

Follow these easy steps to grow your own potatoes. Get them planted now so they will be ready for an autumn feast.

Measuring sticks

Use these sticks to aid measuring the distance between seeds, plants and rows when planting out vegetables.

How to sow seeds

Use this method to sow large or small seeds outdoors. Ideal for sowing vegetables or annual flower seeds.

Get the soil ready

Use tools to prepare the soil, so it is ready for sowing seeds and planting.

Prick out seedlings

Give your vegetable seedling a boost by pricking them out into trays or pots.

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