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Setting up a school garden

Help students become actively involved in their outdoor surroundings by creating a garden. It's time to get growing!

Sow green manures

Keep areas of bare soil covered by sowing green manures. These help reduce soil erosion and conserve soil nutrients.

Planning a fruit garden

It's time to plan what fruit you want to grow in your garden. Ready to plant fruit trees and bushes from October to February.

Activity of the week

Bulb planting

Add a splash of colour to your garden. From September you can start planting spring bulbs such as; daffodils, crocus, snowdrops, iris, grape hyacinths and winter windflowers.

Fruit harvesting

It's time to harvest fruit. Make this calendar to plan your harvesting throughout the year.

Harvest time

Head outside and get everything harvested ready to make some tasty meals, soups, jams or chutneys.

Sow annual seeds outside

Sow wildflowers and annuals outside. Giving them a chance to grow before winter arrives.

Make an origami seed packet

A fun way to store seeds you have collected for free.

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