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Magical garden potions

Brew up a bubbly, magical potion using petals and leaves. What does your potion do?

Garden sun catchers

Perfect for brightening up your garden, balcony or window.

Rainbow scavenger hunt

Search for the different colours of nature in your garden or while out on a walk.

Activity of the week

Wildflower piñata

Got a lockdown birthday to celebrate? This cool craft will spread joy and wildflower seeds! What's not to love?

Planting with a twist

Can you find the wackiest thing to grow your plants in?

Fun cane toppers

Avoid painful encounters by making some colourful can toppers from recycled materials or clay.

Frozen flowers

Cool down and take a closer look at nature suspended in time with this fun sensory play activity.

Milk bottle watering can

Turn a recycled milk bottle into the perfect watering can for small hands or small plants!

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