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Health and wellbeing is very important to us at the RHS and following the Government’s update on 16 March 2020 and the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we are postponing Green Plan It 2020 until further notice.

If you have any questions or would like to take part in Green Plan It in the future, drop us a line at

What’s it all about?

Green Plan It is a student-led project which encourages Year 8 and 9 / S2-3 students to discover the wonderful world of plants, and rethink the role of green spaces.
Over ten weeks in the autumn term, student teams will be paired with a volunteer horticultural mentor and challenged to research, plan and build a model of a garden they'd like to see in their school or community. Their mentor will offer guidance on designing a garden from scratch, share practical plant knowledge, and facilitate your young people to make decisions about their ideal green space.
Through Green Plan It, your students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the incredible world of plants
  • Discover how plants affect people and the planet
  • Work with a skilled mentor from the horticultural industry
  • Develop their confidence, leadership and decision making skills, creativity and teamwork
  • Compete against local schools for a chance to win a trophy!
  • Apply for funding to create their garden for real

Why take part?

The project is designed to be youth-led and is an opportunity for young people to consider community needs and environmental issues, as well as growing their understanding of how plants and nature play a valuable role in our lives.

We've made sure that Green Plan It is relevant to a range of curriculum subjects including Science, D&T, Geography and Art, as well as PSHE and Citizenship, to give you more opportunity to include the work in lesson time. The project is also great for extra-curricular clubs such as STEM clubs or gardening clubs. While we limit the number of students per team who can attend the launch and celebration days, this can be a whole-class or club project, or even bigger if you wish!

Green Plan It provides an opportunity for students to gain insight into the diversity of job roles within horticulture industry - they'll discover that it's more than just digging and planting, and getting messy!

What's the process?

1. Sign up to one of our regional hubs: Surrey, Essex, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, London, Sheffield, Leicester, Sunderland or Scotland (we are running launch events in Glasgow and Edinburgh, but schools in Scotland will need to be able to travel to Edinburgh for the celebration event) Unfortunately we are unable to offer Green Plan It to all parts of the UK at this time.

You can register up to two teams from your school to take part (please note that due to venue sizes, a maximum of six students per team may attend the launch and celebration events.) 

2. We will match your team(s) with a local industry volunteer mentor, who will work with them throughout the project.

3. Your team(s) will be invited to a launch event in autumn where they will met their mentor, be introduced to the challenge, and take part in activities and discussions to get their creativity flowing and set them up ready for the task in hand.

4. Over ten weeks your team(s) will work on their design at school and create a model of their garden and a report explaining their design process. Your team's mentor will provide advice and help. We recommend that a minimum of two hours a week is spent on Green Plan It but you can spend more.

5. In December, your team(s) will be return to their hub for a celebration event. They will present their designs to a small panel of (friendly!) assessors, receive feedback on their work and compete against other local schools for a chance to win a trophy.

What does it cost?

It’s completely FREE to register for Green Plan It, and an RHS Advisor will be on hand to help and guide you through the project.

Schools are required to provide transport to the regional hub for the launch and celebration events and any materials for your team(s) plans and model.


Green Plan It 2020 update 

Health and wellbeing is very important to us at the RHS and following the Government’s update on 16 March 2020 and the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we are postponing Green Plan It 2020 until further notice. 


What's the big idea?

Find out why we set up Green Plan It, and discover what students, teachers and industry mentors get out of taking part

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