RHS Young School Gardeners of the Year 2018

Supported by Gabriel Ash

Gavin Hamilton
13 years old from Dunblane High School, Stirling
KS3/P7&S1-2 Finalist

About Gavin

Gavin has been consistently involved in the school garden and always offers to show visitors around. He talks knowledgably about what has been grown where and why, explaining things like companion planting, organic pest control, and rain water collection, and is now developing his family’s garden.

Judges' comments

"Gavin’s story really shows what a great deal of good gardening can do for a person. His enthusiasm and confidence is fantastic."

"We were really impressed by Gavin's level of knowledge and understanding of plant processes. It's great to see that he understands the reasons for doing different jobs in the garden, and their knock-on effects. Keep up the amazing work!"

Gavin's entry video


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