RHS Young School Gardeners of the Year 2018

Supported by Gabriel Ash

Charlie Jerman
13 years old from St Faith's School, Cambridge
KS3/P7&S1-2 Finalist

About Charlie

For three years Charlie has tended to the greenhouse every school day, caring for each little seedling, cutting and bulb and passing his knowledge on to others. He has transferred his learning to home where he grows vegetables and chillies, reporting back to staff on their progress.

Judges' comments

"The level of care that Charlie shows for the plants is amazing! He’s also passing his knowledge on, so his passion is really helping others."

"We loved hearing Charlie's story and getting a glimpse into his passion for plants. He is clearly a very knowledgeable young gardener and full of ideas about how to improve the school grounds...and fight slugs! Keep at it, Charlie!"

Charlie's entry video


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