RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2016

Liam Luckhurst
16 years old from St Anthony’s School, Cliftonville
KS4/S2-3 Finalist

About Liam

Liam has been involved in gardening at the school for the last two years and has done a great deal in that time, including helping to move the orchard. His gardening knowledge is really starting to develop, for example how to coppice trees, and he always supports the younger members of the group. Liam is conscientious with tool use and care and remains positive and motivated.

Judges' comments

“It was unfortunate that Liam’s video was so quiet but we were able to see the beautiful school garden and the work he has done in it. I would love to visit Liam’s school to see it for myself!”
“Liam has clearly overcome some tough challenges for someone so young but he seems to be in his element in the garden and has a real knack for horticulture. It’s lovely to hear that he also supports other younger members of the group, showing he is an unselfish and kind individual.”
“The garden appears to be a place of peace and tranquillity for Liam and it’s great to see him succeeding in horticulture. I would love to hear more from Liam in the future and see how he is getting on.”

Liam's entry video

(Unfortunately some of the sound is missing at the beginning of the video)


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