Month by month guide to an edible school garden- spring term

Information sheet

Use this simple guide to plan your edible school garden

  • School term: Early Spring, Late Spring
  • Level of experience: No experience needed
  • Subject(s):






Sow/ plant

Mustard and cress, parsley (indoors).

Broad beans, peas, radish. Chit potatoes.

Garlic and onions (suited to spring planting), broad beans, leeks, peas, radish, spinach, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes.

Peas, radish, spinach and chard, lettuce and other salads, carrots, main-crop potatoes, leeks, pumpkins and squash, tomatoes and French beans.



Leeks, lettuce.

Leeks, lettuce.

Salads (if protected), leeks, chard.

Salads, spinach, leeks.

Other jobs

Prepare soil and add compost if conditions allow.
autumn raspberry canes to the ground. Keep overwintering crops protected from frost. Choose crops for the year ahead and order seeds.


Prepare soil and add compost if conditions allow. 
Cut autumn raspberry canes to the ground. Warm soil ahead of sowings with fleece or plastic.  Plant bare-rooted fruit trees and bushes.

If conditions allow dig soil and 'dig in' compost (if added previously). 

Prepare seed beds for sowing.
Mulch around plants with compost.
Put in supports for climbing plants such as beans and peas.
Grow carrots under fleece to protect from carrot fly.

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