Simple gardening club ideas

Information sheet

Whether you have an outdoor space or just a spare windowsill, check out these 10 simple growing activities for each term.

  • School term: All year round
  • Level of experience: No experience needed
  • Subject(s):

Autumn term

  1. Try apple tasting
  2. Get seed collecting - make your own seed packet and seed box
  3. Sow hardy annuals, cornflowers, marigolds and sweet peas
  4. Multiply herbs using division and semi-ripe cuttings
  5. Plant bulbs in pots
  6. Make bug hotels or bird feeders
  7. Make a plastic bottle composter
  8. Sow or plant onions and broad beans in pots
  9. Take hard wood cuttings
  10. Make willow stars and twiggy reindeers

Spring term

  1. Build a light box for windowsill growing
  2. Sow micro greens, salad and other early veg 
  3. Chit potatoes – experiment with warmth/light/dark – bring back to school for planting in containers or plant at home if you have no space at school.
  4. Make a pea propagator out of 2 litre bottles cut in half and sow sugar snap peas
  5. Sow sunflowers in pots to take home – plant at home or return to plant in school
  6. Grow herbs - learn to prick out parsley seedlings and other herbs, root cuttings of mint, and make a herb collection
  7. Design a garden on a plate
  8. Make labels or measuring sticks
  9. Keep a garden journal or diary
  10. Make slug pubs or slug guards from 2 litre bottles

Summer term

  1. Sow pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers and herbs
  2. Make a mini scarecrow
  3. Make pizza pots - plant up a container with tomato, basil and chives
  4. Make a wormery – do a soil feely test
  5. Go bug hunting – learn about bugs, pest patrol and beneficial insects
  6. Make a flower posy or a scented bouquet for a loved one
  7. Make a watering device and learn how to water.
  8. Take easy soft wood cuttings
  9. Make a nectar bar container – plant up flowers that bees love
  10. Make dyes from plants