A guide to using Growing Topics

Information sheet

Growing Topics provide a creative approach to curriculum learning by using a mixture of gardening and supporting activities based around a common theme such as fruit or soil. 

  • School term: All year round
  • Level of experience: No experience needed
  • Subject(s): English, Maths, Science, PSHE, Art&DT, Geography, History

Growing Topics

The Growing Topics have been written to provide a clear, well planned growing project that teachers can follow and write into their long term planning. The gardening and supporting activities provide a creative approach to curriculum learning with links to science, numeracy, literacy, art and DT. Each Growing Topic is written to be delivered over four sessions. These can be spread out over a half or full term - depending on the topic and what plants you are growing. There is flexibility to mix and match the supporting activities to suit your class age and interest.

Growing Topics with your class - how it works

The class should be divided into smaller, manageable groups of 6-8 pupils. This would make 4 groups from a class of 32. The method of working allows the whole class to be enagaged in the garden, while working safely in small groups which are easier to supervise. Allow 10 minutes as an introduction to the session and for splitting the class into groups. Each group should move around the activities in turn. Have a short break and review between the second and third activity and continue until all groups have completed all 4 activities. Finally allow 10 minutes at the end for a review and tidy up.

Top tips for Growing Topics

  • Plan for the 4 sessions across the 6-12 week period
  • Gather resources for all activities in advance
  • Always reinforce tool safety and rules for tools
  • Allow enough time for the sessions including washing hands, changing clothing, footwear, etc.
  • Provide extra adult support - each activity benefits from having an adult to help
  • Always supervise the group working with tools
  • Share what everyone has learnt and what needs to be done next time
  • Allow for setting up and putting away
  • Organise a rota for watering seedlings between sessions
  • Appoint head gardeners to be 'in charge' each week

Growing Topics 

Click the name of the Growing Topic below to link to the Topic.

Autumn Propagation
Earth Matters
Flower Power
Focus on Fruit
Grow your own Lunch
Sensory Sensations
Supermarket Sweep
ildlife Wonders

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