Spectacular Plants

Discover incredible plants

Plant hunter, Stewart McPherson has filmed his adventures to discover the world's most spectacular plants. Find out about cool cacti, gigantic flowers, the world's stinkiest plants, and much more!

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Composting for schools

Learn what type of compost bin to use in your garden and how to make great compost by following this resource. 

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Green Plan It

The challenge is on!

Register now to take part in Green Plant It, our garden design challenge for Year 8-9 / S2-3 students! Over ten weeks in the autumn term, they'll work with a mentor to design a green space for your school or local community.

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Give yourself the skills you need to inspire young people to grow. Our latest programme of UK-wide training courses is now live.

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Grow your own Spectacular Plants at home

We've teamed up with Plant Hunter, Stewart McPherson, to share the most Spectacular Plants from around the world with you. Watch the video above and find out how to grow Mimosa pudica, the 'senstive plant', on your window sill at home, in a DIY propagator made from a recycled plastic bottle.

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