BBC Radio 2 Big Bee Challenge

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Get your garden buzzing with these fun bee-friendly activities created in collaboration with BBC Radio 2 to celebrate this year's Big Bee Challenge!

  • School term: All year round
  • Level of experience: No experience needed
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The BBC have launched Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge, where this year, the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show is asking children, aged between 6 and 12 years old to design a garden that will attract bees and other pollinating insects.

To celebrate the launch of the competition, we've created these bee-rilliant activity cards in collaboration with BBC Radio 2 to help you get your garden buzzing!

Have a go and share your creations online using #R2BigBeeChallenge.

Nectar Collector

Have a real race with family or friends to discover why different bees collect nectar from different plants!

Nectar Collector Activity Card


Make your own fuzzy, buzzy bee to see how bees gather up pollen.

Pollination Activity Card

Flower Power

Learn which flowers bees particulalry like and have a go at making a bee-friendly window box or container.

Flower Power Activity Card

Trees and Shrubs

It's not just flowers that bees love, there are lots of trees and shrubs they like too. Have a go at planting one to benefit hungry bees.

Trees and Shrubs Activity Card

Water Features

Bees need to drink, just like us, so have a go at making a little water feature that will help thirst bees while also attracting other friendly wildlife such a birds and hedgehogs.

Water Features Activity Card

Lawns and Mini Meadows

Learn how mini meadows full of wildflowers can give bees plenty to feast on and have a go at making your own wildflower seed bomb.

Lawns and Mini Meadows Activity Card

Providing Shelter

All bees need a safe space to live and lay their eggs in. Find out what sort of homes help different bees and have a go at making your own bee shelter.

Providing Shelter Activity Card

About the Competition

Children aged 6-12 are invited to design their very own bee-friendly garden, full of plants and features that will help these important little pollinators, and other wildlife too.

The winning design will be built at an NHS Trust site, which is used by children and young people with mental health needs to provide them with a safe, calming and beautiful space to relax in.

Plus, Radio 2 will be encouraging EVERYONE to do one thing to help the bees thrive on their Big Bee Challenge Weekend, from Saturday 31st July to Sunday 1st August.

There will be tips and tricks and plenty of ideas, big and small, to help everyone do their bit, both on air and on the Radio 2 and RHS websites.

For more on the Big Bee Challenge and to enter the competition, head to the BBC Radio 2 website here.

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