Tool stop sign


Create a clear sign to show other learners where to collect and return their tools when they are in the garden.

  • Estimated time: 30 minutes
  • Location: Outdoors & Indoors
  • School term: All year round
  • Level of experience: No experience needed
  • Subject(s): PSHE, Art&DT

Learning objectives

  • Design a purposeful object based on design criteria and evaluate it afterwards
  • Learn about tool safety


Gather together tools for drawing, storing them in a bucket to be safe.

Remind learners about 'Safety with Tools' rules and introduce the idea of making a sign to be used in the garden as a ‘tool stop’ – to mark the place where tools are picked up and returned to for safety.

Print off the template for younger learners to use as a guide.

Equipment needed

  • Paper, or wooden board
  • Permanent pens
  • Acrylic paints
  • Varnish
  • Canes or wooden stake to attach sign to
  • Strong tape or tacks and hammer
  • Laminator and pockets
  • Background information on tool safety

Step by step

  1. Ask learners to design a bold clear sign that will be used to show everyone where to collect and return their tools.
  2. Draw, colour or paint your favourite tools on paper or wooden board.
  3. Make the sign bold and easily seen.
  4. Write clear instructions such as 'Tools Back here!' Or 'Tool Stop Here!'
  5. List the rules to keep everyone safe with tools.
  6. Leave to dry if using paints.
  7. Class can vote for the best sign to act as the tool stop sign.
  8. Laminate the sign if it was drawn on paper.
  9. Attach to a cane with gaffer tape or to a stake with a nail if making a wooden sign.

Hints & tips

  • This is a good wet weather activity.
  • Use computers to produce good photos of tools.

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