Big Soup Share

What is the Big Soup Share?

What better way to celebrate growing your own vegetables then turning them into a delicious meal?

Coming together over a meal and cooking together, with the satisfaction of eating your own produce, can give you a sense of achievement and connectedness. We've got recipe cards, bunting and other goodies to download to support you in planning your event (see green box on the right).

Holding a soup share? We love to hear about your growing adventures, so share your photos on social using #BigSoupShare.
Disclaimer: Some of our resources were written in 2020 in line with Covid-19 restrictions at the time, so please adapt according to current UK government guidelines. 

Why take part?

The Big Soup Share is the perfect chance to celebrate community connection and to support those in your community who need it the most. 

Let's get cooking

Watch RHS Young Ambassador George whiz up Thai Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup, find the recipe in the green box.