Gardening activities for November

Enjoy late autumn in your gardens and green spaces by harvesting vegetables, creating your own compost and making cosy bug homes.

01 November 2023


  • It’s time to get your new trees into the ground. Planting trees in late autumn when there is still moisture and warmth in the soil encourages root development. Learn how to plant yours by watching our how-to video.
  • Early November is your last chance to plant spring flowering bulbs outdoors. Choose from daffodils, crocus or tulips to add some colour to your space in springtime.


  • In November, you can start to harvest your winter vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflowers and parsnips. Why not share your vegetables by making a winter soup with your class or local community?


  • Prepare for upcoming frosts by moving any tender plants you are growing indoors, or covering those that are in the ground with fleece and cloches.
  • Keep your space clear by cleaning up any tools, labels, plant supports or protective structures you won’t be using during the late autumn and winter period. It’s best to find somewhere dry and out of the way so you can keep them tucked away until spring.

Supporting wildlife

  • Make a bug hotel for your garden using twigs, leaves and old newspaper to provide a cosy home for insects to use during winter. Follow our guide to make a large bug hotel or make a few small homes to place in different parts of your garden.

Outdoor fun

  • Collect fallen leaves to make leaf mould compost. Helping children and young people learn about the lifecycle of plants, this activity will provide you with nutrient rich to use in future planting sessions.
  • Take advantage of the late autumn colours to create artwork in your garden. Collect natural items such as leaves, berries and conkers to re-create famous artworks or come up with a design of your own.