Gardening jobs for June

The summer season is here and brings warmer and longer days to help your plants grow. Explore our top ten jobs for June to help you keep on top of your garden.

01 June 2022

  1. Stay water-wise. Key to growing plants well, mastering your watering schedule is an important daily task. If you can, water in the mornings as this is when the sun comes up and plants will start to use water.
  2. Harden off any vegetable plants you are moving or planting outside. Do this by placing them outside during the day, and moving back indoors overnight for around one to two weeks.
  3. Pinch out side-shoots on your tomatoes. This will encourage the plant’s energy towards growing fruit rather than more leaves.
  4. Harvest lettuce, radish and early potatoes. Get together with your group to make a healthy salad from your produce.
  5. Add stakes to tall plants such as peas, runner beans or sunflowers to help them stay upright. You can add fun cane toppers to your stakes to help avoid accidents in the garden.
  6. Mow your lawns at least once a week, but consider leaving some areas uncut to support wildlife. Bees and other pollinators will be attracted to the lawn flowers that grow here.
  7. Keep sowing vegetables such as beetroot, spring onions and pak choi into prepared beds or pots.
  8. Add some colour to your space by adding summer hanging baskets or containers outside – if you’re looking for a longer term display, fill your baskets with herbs and evergreens.
  9. Stay on top of weeds in your growing spaces by hoeing borders and beds regularly.
  10. If you have a greenhouse, keep it shaded to avoid plants overheating and getting scorched leaves.

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