Gardening jobs for July

Enjoy the summer sun in your garden this month by harvesting your crops and cleaning up the garden.

01 July 2022

  1. Start harvesting your crops and enjoy a tasty lunch with your group. In July, you can harvest peas, beans, carrots, potatoes and beetroot.
  2. Get set for the winter months and sow cabbage, turnip, chicory and fennel seeds.
  3. Keep an eye on the plants that need extra water in your garden. Those in sunny spaces or pots will need watering regularly to stop them drying out in the heat.
  4. Watch out for potato and tomato blight. Check the forecast in your area on the Blightwatch website.
  5. Collect flower seeds and heads from your lavender plants. You can use them to make calming lavender bags, add them to food and cakes, or create a floral art display.
  6. Check your trees for damage, ensuring that any tree ties are not cutting into the bark of the trunk. If they are tight, gently remove them and replace them with larger ties that will give the tree room to grow.
  7. Deadhead your flowering plants regularly to help them produce new buds and flowers for a longer period of time.
  8. Mow your lawns regularly, except during periods of drought. Set your mower at a slightly higher level during summer to prevent the lawn drying out in hot weather.
  9. Take advantage of the dry weather and catch up on painting and preserving jobs. Inspect your structures for any damage and give sheds and fences a new lick of paint.
  10. In July, you can start to pick cherries, raspberries and gooseberries. Protect any heavily-laden fruit trees or bushes from snapping by using a stake to keep them upright.

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