Jobs for January

The start of a new year brings with it new plans for the garden! Use this time to make your 2022 plans, choose what you would like to grow or kickstart a new gardening project.

02 January 2022

  1. Recycle your Christmas tree. If you had a live Christmas tree at your school or home over the festive season, you can shred it to make mulch or use the branches to make a wildlife shelter.
  2. Clean and tidy pots, labels, cold frames, polytunnels and greenhouses ready for spring.
  3. Harvest kale, sprouting broccoli, parsnips and leeks, swede and turnips.
  4. Continue to put out food for winter birds. Following cold spells, check your bird baths to make sure the water isn’t frozen.
  5. Prune apple and pear trees, as well as gooseberry bushes.
  6. Choose and purchase your seeds ready to use in spring.
  7. Plan what vegetables you will grow this term, ensuring that you rotate your crops between beds. Use our month-by-month planner to help you.
  8. Cover rhubarb plants with terracotta plants to force an early crop.
  9. Check wooden structures such as fences, raised beds or planters for rotting and repair any damage.
  10. Take hardwood cuttings of shrubs. They’ll root over spring and be ready to move in autumn. 

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