Give your tree a life after Christmas

Millions of Christmas trees are sold every year across the UK. Once the mince pies have been munched and festivities are finished, there are a whole host of things that can be done to give your fir a future!

19 December 2019

Mulch it
You can use all parts of the tree to mulch your garden...

Wood-chipped, the trunk and branches can be used in many places across your plot. See the RHS’s mulching advice.

If you wait for the pines to fall off the tree, you can also use these to mulch acid-loving plants such as blueberries and rhododendrons!

Go wild
Christmas trees can benefit all sorts of wildlife!

Break down the branches of the tree and use them to fill a mini-beast hotel. This is also a great way to repurpose some of the packaging that comes hand-in-hand with Christmas such as plastic food cartons and boxes from gifts.

If you are handy with a saw or drill, or you have young people that may be able to have a go, you can make bee-friendly bricks to place around your school. Simply drill holes into a block of wood and support solitary bees as they build their nests.

At this time of year, insects can be hard to come by. Roll the smaller branches in fats, seeds, nuts and bird friendly berries to make a bird feeder. Check out this resource that also works with pine cones.

Get creative
Wield your wood working skills and make something from the trunk of your tree. You could make coasters or even Christmas decorations for next year.

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas - why not make a New Year’s wreath! Use the foliage from your tree to impress friends and family, and keep the festivities going into January.  

Donate it

Check with your local authority as most councils can collect Christmas trees and turn them into wood chip for local parks and green spaces. See what's available in your local area.

Please note: Before using your tree in the garden, make sure it's not been treated with any chemicals!

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