It really is Rocket Science!

The wait is over and the results from our national science experiment are in...

03 November 2016

In the summer of 2016, 600,000 children became space biologists as they took part in a national science experiment called Rocket Science, a project we developed in partnership with the UK Space Agency.
Our space biologists which came from over 8,600 schools and groups from across the UK were given a very special mission – to sow and grow a packet of rocket seeds that had spent six months on board the International Space Station (ISS) with Tim Peake alongside a packet of identical seeds that had remained on Earth.
This project has been an incredible journey for us and for the young people taking part and we are now delighted to reveal the results of the experiment and share with you the experiences felt by the individuals that took part.
Rocket Science: Our Voyage of Discovery is a very special report we have put together containing the average national results, theories from pupils, comments from leading scientists, photos, quotes and a very special thank you from Tim Peake himself.
Head to the Rocket Science results page to read more about the project and to download a free copy of our report.

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