Houston we have a problem...

...but we are fixing it!

01 July 2015

We are sad to announce that on Sunday afternoon the SpaceX-7 rocket exploded, along with our seeds and other precious cargo, shortly after take-off. The rocket was unmanned and broke up in the air so no one was harmed.

We always knew that there was a chance that whatever vehicle the seeds flew on it might experience a problem, as this is the nature of space flight. This is one of the reasons why we decided to send the seeds up many months before Tim Peake himself arrives at the International Space Station later this year. It also means that these seeds will be highly prized when they finally make their epic journey!
We have already procured more rocket seeds from the same British seed company, Tozer Seeds, and we are working with the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency to get these seeds on one of the next available cargo launches.

The rest of the project will continue on the same timeline so we will still open up official registrations in September and seeds and resource packs will be sent in spring 2016. Schools should continue to register their interest in the project and be the first to apply for seeds here.

We will keep you updated with progress as we continue. Please keep an eye on our news pages and follow @RHSSchools on Twitter for more information.

In the meantime, you can watch the rocket’s failed launch on YouTube here and for more detailed information on SpaceX-7 and the failed launch please read the UK Space Agency blog here.

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