Explorify in the Garden with the Wellcome Trust

Course code: NE18005

‘Explorify in the Garden’ is a practical one day course that will inspire you to take the Primary Science curriculum outdoors with confidence, using the rich tapestry of opportunities that nature, plants and growing provide.

The RHS has teamed up with Wellcome to develop this enjoyable course, based on Wellcome’s innovative Explorify approach to teaching and learning in science and set in the context of school gardens. The focus of learning is that of the journey, rather than on finding the right answer. It’s about discovery and asking ‘Why?’ ‘What if?’ and ‘What does this mean?’ to get pupils discussing and debating the world around them.

The course will enable you to gain experience working with fascinating digital images and videos from the Wellcome collections and to explore with the RHS the outdoor spaces that offer endless opportunities to make and build your own. You will understand how to use images and ‘found’ materials in the garden to stimulate learning and discussion, and discover some fascinating plants and how to grow them.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of the course you will understand how to work scientifically with your pupils, whilst covering key content from the Primary Science programmes of study.

Using ideas from Explorify in the Garden will enable you to encourage future generations to be proactive participators and not just passive observers!

For more information about the Explorify programme, visit The Wellcome Trust.


  • Work with Explorify resources developed by the Wellcome Trust, share ideas and enthusiasm with other teachers and start to see your school grounds as a fantastic canvas of resources with endless opportunities to build your own collections.
  • Improve your growing techniques and horticultural understanding.
  • Realise how ‘growing topics’ can spark curiosity and inspire children to question the world around them.
  • Identify garden plants and discover exciting new ones that help teach Primary Science in an exciting way whilst having a positive impact on learning.


Training Course£40.00


Date Time Places available
20/06/2019 10.00am-4.00pm


Durham University Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden

Skill level


Key Stages

Key Stage 1 and 2



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