Make a festive arrangement

How to…

Use clean recycled tin cans for these lovely decorations. Only pick plant material suitable for the ability of those participating in the activity, remember berries can be poisonous.

  • Estimated time: minutes
  • Location: Indoors
  • School term: Late Autumn
  • Level of experience: No experience needed


Ensure Participants are confident with the equipment they will be using for this activity. If using candles, make labels to warn that lit candles should not be left unattended. Attach these to the arrangements before use or sale.

  1. Cut the stems of plant material before placing them in clean water for 12-24 hours before use

  2. Pre-soak the floral foam in water the night before use

  3. Gather all the materials and equipment you will need; ensure the ribbon is inflammable 

  4. Cut the floral foam to size, it is useful to trim the edges to fit the tin neatly

  5. Decorate the tins and put the floral foam inside

  6. Add the candle (if you are using one) and secure both to the tin using florists tape

  7. Cut the foliage to the size required and remove the lower parts to insert into the floral foam

  8. Mark out the size of the arrangement using an outline of foliage

  9. Add different shapes, textures and colours until the floral foam is completely covered

  10. Add berries (if used) cones or flowers and the candle warning labels to complete the arrangement

Additional information

  • Make your festive arrangement last longer by watering it regularly. 
  • Be careful not to put your festive plant display directly above a radiator, as this can cause the leaves to dry out very quickly. 
  • For a more environmentally friendly option - use biodegradeabe oasis, commercially available and comparable in price to the traditional type. It provides support and a water source to flower arrangements but has been shown to biodegrade in landfill sites in less than 2 years.

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