RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Tiffany Westacott
7 years old from Wilcombe Primary School in Tiverton, Devon
KS1/P1-2 Finalist

About Tiffany

Only a few adults have that unique ability to turn gardening into horticulture and Tiffany is one of those amazingly bright sparks at her school. Since joining the Reception Class of her school three years ago, Tiffany has shown a natural aptitude for gardening. The school garden is a blank canvas for Tiffany and her ingenuity and creativity have seen many projects flourishing.

The simplicity of Tiffany’s gardening approach is inspirational; when she eats an apple, she instinctively knows that the seeds can grow into new life. She is a rising star in the school with passion and determination and often inspires the teachers and pupils alike.

Judges’ comments

“It’s great to see the impact that gardening has had on Tiffany’s school life – a fantastic example of the power of horticulture to inspire both curiosity and creativity. Tiffany should be incredibly proud of the love and attention she puts into her school garden, and I hope she continues to develop this valuable passion.”

“Gardening gives Tiffany sole charge to be herself and show some independence.”

“Tiffany's story is one that really touched me. And the solace that she finds in horticulture is something many of us can relate to. Her ability to germinate any seed is one I am envious of. An inspiring and immensely talented young lady.”

“Tiffany, I am so glad you have found gardening. You inspire us to keep on shouting for horticulture throughout the world to make a difference. Keep it up, you are fantastic at it!”

“We were so heartened to see the benefits that Tiffany is getting from her gardening. Tiffany nurtures her plants beautifully.”

Tiffany's entry video

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