RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Rhys Smith
8 years old from Dedworth Green First School in Windsor, Berkshire
KS2/P3-6 Finalist

About Rhys

Dedworth Green First School is situated in an area with a high level of social housing and Rhys lives with his parents and brothers in a flat with no garden of their own. Despite this, he shows a great interest in the outdoor environment. Gardening at school has been a long term interest for Rhys, he was a founding member of the after-school gardening club which started three years ago and used to love nothing more than spending the 45 minutes digging over patches of waste ground week after week. The patch is now a beautiful wildflower bed which Rhys is very proud and protective of!

Over the years Rhys has developed an understanding of how plants grow from seed and is always ready to pass on that knowledge to enhance other children’s learning. His interest in the environment has developed during his time in the gardening club and he understands the need to protect it, frequently requesting to pick littler during his lunchtime play. Rhys has a long-term commitment and passion for gardening, despite his classmates’ attempts to lure him away to play other playground games.

Judges’ comments

“Rhys has huge amounts of enthusiasm which he is keen to share.”

“Rhys' enthusiasm is infectious. There was not one person in the room who did not have a smile on their faces when they saw Rhys talk about his potatoes. (I hope they tasted amazing!)”

“It was great to see Rhys’s passion for gardening, particularly given that he doesn’t have a garden of his own at home, and fab that his skill and obvious interest have been recognised at school. I hope that through his school’s gardening club he continues to nurture and develop this important talent.”

“You have such a wonderful gift in demonstrating to society the importance of working with plants. Well done and keep up the excellent work you are doing.”

“We were delighted to see that although Rhys has no garden at home, he is making such a great contribution to the success of the school garden. Rhys, you are definitely the school expert!”

Rhys' entry video

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