RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Qudratullah Qudratullah
14 years old from Holyrood Secondary School in Glasgow, Lanarkshire
KS4/S3-4 Finalist

About Qudratullah

Qudratullah came to the UK under three years ago after leaving Afghanistan and has volunteered in the school garden every year. He is extremely enthusiastic and displays excellent knowledge of how to clear areas for planting and how to grow food for eating. He has been responsible for planting tubs and window boxes to enhance the appearance of the front of the school.

Although Qudratullah came to the school with no English language, he has used gardening to develop this, learning names of plants, edibles and tools, and learning to communicate with his peers. He shows great initiative in the gardening club and often comes up with his own ideas.

Judges’ comments

“The story of this young man was a very touching one. He proved that a love of horticulture can not only inspire you but also others. His knowledge and skill helped him to find his place in a strange new country, and the skills he brought with him helped others to find their place in a world of growing. The universal connection we all have with nature shone through in Quaratullah's story and his skill and passion were clear.”

“I can see you are a person meant for horticulture. Your passion, commitment and true love for plants is an example to us all. Keep it up!”

“Qudratullah has overcome huge obsticals but his love of gardening both at home and school are clear for all to see.”

“Qudratullah’s story is an inspiring one, and I admire both his determination and quiet skill. What Qudratullah has gained through his championing of and participation in the improving of his school grounds is not just an increased horticultural knowledge, but a way to engage with others in the school through a mutual passion. I wish him the very best of luck for his gardening future!”

“This was such a powerful film and one which we will remember for many years to come. We are so pleased that Qudratullah can use the skills he learned with his grandmother in Afghanistan to help the school garden to flourish.”

Qudratullah's entry video

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