RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Olivia Higson
13 years old from Chiltern Edge School in Reading, West Berkshire
KS3/P7-S2 Finalist

About Olivia

Over the last two years, Olivia has worked tirelessly to ensure that the school garden is successful. She has given up my hours after school, at lunch and during the school day to work in the garden and enable things to grow to their potential. She has also passionately encouraged other students to join the school gardening club and, with her help, the school has managed to embed growing into part of the curriculum.

Olivia is a very dedicated student who supervises and teaches others, has applied for charity grants and also once stayed after school to talk about the garden to prospective year 6 parents and children. Olivia shows great maturity for someone so young and her hard work and enthusiasm makes her a credit to her school.

Judges’ comments

“Olivia, your commitment, drive, determination and resourcefulness are such wonderful qualities to have and I think you are an exemplar to us all. Well done.”

“Olivia is a tireless young lady who has given so much to make her school a better place. With little guidance and funding she has built a green space from a piece of wasteland and I know this resource will go on to help her and friends and also other students in the school for many years to come. To achieve something like this in the face of adversity is something few of us can boast. Olivia should be incredibly proud.”

“Olivia’s commitment and inspiration to others is lovely to see.”

“What Olivia has achieved at her school is a real testament to her passion and can-do attitude, and I’m in awe of the success of this pupil-driven project. I hope that Olivia and her friends will continue to develop the garden, which is a valuable school resource, and help engage even more pupils to get stuck in.”

“We were so impressed with Olivia’s tenacity and resourcefulness, building a school garden from scratch with no budget! Olivia, you are a credit to your school.”

Olivia's entry video

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