RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Louie Leonard
13 years old from Claverham Community College in Battle, East Sussex
KS3/P7-S2 Finalist

About Louie

At school Louie is popular, friendly and enthusiastic and it a fantastic motivator in ensuring the school environment is not overlooked. His love of gardening stems from the encouragement and support he received fro his late father, who was a gardener, and one of his earliest memories is of sitting in his pushchair in London and being pushed around parks and open spaces and looking up into the trees. At the age of 6, Louie and his family moved to East Sussex and his father gave him a small plot to work on in their large garden. Louie would use this space to carry out his own research to ensure successful planting.

At school Louie is dedicated to improving the school ground by planting up tubs in colours to reflect the different house groups and takes great care to ensure he protects and improves the natural environment. He has a gentle and persuasive manner and is able to converse with adults and peers. He is a driving force behind the cultivation of areas neglected around the school and has amazing levels of energy and enthusiasm which keeps the garden flourishing.

Judges’ comments

“Louie has a vision for how the garden should be which is totally infectious. We all loved the idea of the cherry tree which would provide shade in years to come, and saving for the tree fern shows real commitment. Well done Louie.”

“Louie is a visionary. He demonstrates that horticulture is about nurture and about passion and about creating anything you can imagine. His family and friends must be so proud of what he has achieved, in some difficult circumstances. We could all learn a thing or two from this young man.”

“Louie is a real character, and should be incredibly proud of what he has achieved at school through his horticultural skill and ability to inspire those around him to participate. From encouraging natural habitats to a passion for recycling, Louie exhibits all the traits we look for in the talented gardeners of the future.”

“I love your big plans, ideas and wide range of knowledge. Great stuff and well done, keep it going.”

“Louie is a true motivator to others in his school.”

Louie's entry video

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