RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Livvy Temme
7 years old from Ashton Gate Primary School in Ashton Gate, Bristol
Winner of KS1/P1-2

About Livvy

Livvy is an avid gardener and attends the school’s gardening club every week. She has been growing several edibles including cucumbers, carrots, cauliflowers and broccoli and contributes to many community events including planting spring onions and leeks for others to enjoy. Livvy loves to garden at home and so far has built a raised bed and small greenhouse.

Judges' comments

"I can see you being an excellent ambassador for horticulture. Your knowledge, skills and passion really came through and it provides comfort that the future of horticulture is in safe hands."

"A very knowledgeable articulate little lady."

"What a charismatic young gardener! Livvy’s obvious passion and enthusiasm, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of how plants grow (and indeed how to deter pests) make her a deserving winner. Any gardener that can even find joy in weeding deserves admiration in my book!"

"Livvy is a truly wonderful gardener. She has an ability to talk about plants with such authority and natural enthusiasm: full of plans, full of memories. She took us all along on her journey. A joy to watch."

"Livvy is an extraordinary gardener for her age, and a captivating and articulate presenter. The tour of her home garden had us all riveted. Well done Livvy!"

Livvy's entry video

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