RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Jasmin Foster-Leslie
11 years old from Ysgol Llangynfelyn in Machynlleth, Powys
Winner of KS2/P3-6

About Jasmin

Jasmin has a huge knowledge of plants and animals and her powers of observation and attention to detail make her identification skills incredibly accurate. Jasmin often creates plans and designs of how she wants a garden to develop so she knows what to do and what to plant in each area. Jasmin has great initiative and is a very natural gardeners, showing immense care and consideration to the natural world and those around her.

A huge lovers of animals, Jasmin volunteers at a local butterfly house where she waters the plants, weeds and removes dead matter to compost, pots up new plants, takes and grows cuttings, feeds and looks after the insects and shows the insects to the visitors.

Judges' comments

"It’s great to find someone like Jasmin who couples an in-depth knowledge of horticulture with an understanding of global conservation challenges, and importantly how we can do our bit both at home and in our communities to help encourage wildlife. Jasmin is a worthy winner, and I hope she continues to inspire others to get stuck in and discover the joys of gardening."

"Jasmin has a very nurturing attitude towards conservation, flowers and her community."

"Jasmin is a natural botanist in the making. Her film really conveyed her love of the wild beauty of nature. We hope to see her flourish in the future, just like the plants she is caring for."

"Jasmin was a real inspiration for me. To see such an enthusiasm and a quiet passion combined with a sensitivity to nature and the environment gave me faith in the future of botany and conservation. A truly commendable young lady."

"Jasmin, I can see you as the next David Bellamy of our world. You have so much knowledge to give and I love your interest in all things. So needed and so inspirational. Well done!"

Jasmin's entry video

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