RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Daniel Tailby
6 years old from Dinas Powys Infants School in Dinas Powys, Vale of Glamorgan
KS1/P1-2 Finalist

About Daniel

At Dinas Powys Infants School, all children are involved in growing different vegetables, and enjoy being out in the garden. However in 2013, Daniel’s teacher noticed he expressed a much greater interest in gardening than other pupils. Daniel was hooked on gardening since he was in Nursery and while other pupils would go off to play, Daniel would remain in the garden, engrossed in the tasks.

Once shown how to plant or harvest a crop, Daniel does it methodically and efficiently. He is capable of choosing the correct tool from the shed for the job, and understands what the crops need to thrive, and what pests may threaten them. Despite suffering from severe eczema, Daniel is always cheerful, happy and a willing worker in the garden.

Judges’ comments

“Gardening has boosted his self-esteem and given him an activity that he can blossom in.”

“To inspire so many and find peace in himself at such a young age is an inspiration to us all.”

“Daniel, your passion, enthusiasm and confidence really comes across and your knowledge is incredible. Well done!”

“What an inspiring young gardener! It’s fantastic to see how Daniel has used gardening not only as a release, but as an opportunity to develop both his confidence and horticultural skill.”

“Daniel conveyed his fascination for plants in the film, and it was a joy to see him benefitting so much from his gardening.”

Daniel's entry video

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