RHS Young School Gardener of the Year 2015

Ben Moore
15 years old from Cirencester Deer Park School in Cirencester, Gloucestershire
Winner of KS4/S3-4

About Ben

Ben is studying Horticulture at school and is a young man who likes to do things right. Ben is often the first to volunteer to take on tasks in the school garden and has shown great leadership and initiative. Ben mentors and supports his peers in planting and propagation and has participated in a community project to transform Cirencester town.

Six months ago, Ben started his own business called ‘Pallets to Planters’, turning unwanted wooden pallets into bespoke garden planters and selling them on. Ben was inspired to start his business after he took part in a ‘Tenner Challenge’ in his Business Studies class at school. Students were challenged to make as much profit as possible from a £10 investment and Ben turned to upcycling pallets to make a profit. So far the business has been a success and Ben now has his own website from which he sells his bespoke planters.

Judges' comments

"I was really impressed not only by Ben’s horticultural knowledge, but also his dedication to furthering his understanding through his own growing projects. His talents and enthusiasm are just what we’re looking for, and make him a deserving winner of KS4 RHS Young School Gardener of the Year."

"Ben, I can see the next budding horticultural presenter in the making. Your commitment, drive and knowledge was incredible. Well done."

"We loved Ben’s skilled demonstration of cutting rhubarb and the pallets to plants enterprise is as stroke of genius. Well done Ben, truly deserve to be a finalist."

"Ben excels in his practical skills and shares his knowledge and enthusiasm in a very mature manner."

"If I could use a rotavator like Ben then I would find my life was a lot easier! What a talented and knowledgeable gardener. His obvious experience and skill, and the fact that he manages his own allotment as well as the garden at school, whilst simultaneously running his own pallet planter business (a man after my own heart) blew us away. Great work."

Ben's entry video

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Ben is a young entrepreneur with a keen eye for design. After a school project in his Business Studies class, Ben started using unwanted pallets and repurposing them into stylish planters. 

Check out Ben's Pallets to Planters and ask about his bespoke planters.

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