RHS School Gardening Champion of the Year 2015

Natalie Sacre
Science Lead Practitioner at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire

About Natalie

When the academy introduced extra-curricular activity lessons, Natalie was extremely keen and enthusiastic to start a gardening club. Natalie’s inspiration was her father who passed away three years ago and who had always been a keen gardener. Natalie has unwavering drive, passion and dedication and loves teaching the gardening club enormously. She relishes in the opportunity to share the joys of gardening with the students, as well as being able to pass on the knowledge and skills given to her by her beloved father.

Natalie strives to ensure the students get a full understanding of gardening and has taught theory in fun and exciting ways and given them practical lessons which often link to her day-to-day subject, science. She has taught the students plant dissection including drawing and labelling the parts, plant cloning, sowing seeds, growing fruit and vegetables, producing a gardening year planner and working through the RHS School Gardening Awards. Natalie is also forging links with local primary schools to see how the students at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy can help their gardens.

Judges’ comments

“The enthusiasm with which Natalie spoke about her plans and her garden left me feeling excited and raring to get out in my own garden. I can only imagine what amazing inspiration she passes on to her students. She took me on her story and she clearly passes on a feverish love of growing and creating beautiful outdoor spaces to all who meet her.”

“I love Natalie, especially how she links the school garden to the science curriculum and has encouraged the children to garden at home. Natalie’s plans for incorporating different ecosystems into a new area of the garden are very exciting and it will be great to see the finished result.”

“Natalie is full of energy and ideas and is proof that you can find time to link the garden to the curriculum successfully. It’s wonderful that she is passing on the skills she learned from her father, ensuring younger generations can too discover the world of horticulture.”

Natalie's entry video



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