RHS School Gardening Team of the Year 2015

Palmerston School
Liverpool, Merseyside
Team of 15, aged 14-16

About Palmerston School

The students at Palmerston School are aged from 14-16 years and all have learning difficulties ranging from severe and profound to some with challenging behavior, resulting in very different needs and ability levels. Learning to work as a team has enabled each student to experience and make a contribution to the garden project no matter how small, whilst also learning to work together safely. The pupils have followed instructions using their speaking and listening skills which may involve sign language, symbols and/or communication aids.

The team have together learned how to use different tool safely, moved a huge mound of rubbish to clear space for planting, raked over the area, moved wood to create a raised bed and filled the bed with compost. Students have also taken part in other fun activities such as writing shopping lists of seeds using pictures of vegetables they would like to eat. The students have helped create an area that can be used for future cross-curricular activities and have worked hard as a team to get the job done.

Judges’ comments

“The Palmerston School gardening project is truly inclusive, and benefits everyone involved. As judges we were highly impressed by the exceptional teamwork displayed by Palmerston students, working to each person’s individual strengths. The film conveys a powerful message about the power of school gardening to help students overcome significant challenges and to take more control of their own learning and development.”

“The team at Palmerston School charmed us all by summing up the essence of what it means to be part of a team. They supported each other, they trusted and relied on each other, they grew together and they all worked like troopers to get the job done. A wonderful group who work together to achieve wonderful things.”

“A real feel of team work and love for working outdoors with one another. A well-coordinated initiative bringing positive results to the school surrounds.”

“The involvement of the pupils in the projects and with the younger children is inspirational. It’s lovely how they have “made something for the future”.”

Palmerston School's entry video

We've won awards!

Winner of the Drum Marketing Awards 2017
Winner of the ERA 2017 awards
Winner of the Third Sector 2017 awards