RHS Young Herb Photographer of the Year 2016 Shortlist

View the photographs shortlisted by the judges as their favourites

5-10 age category

Albert Stamp, 6
Columbia Primary School
"I took this picture of a bergamot flower at the Geffrye Museum."

Amy Robson, 10
Oatlands Junior School
“The Lonely Looking Lavender” I took this photo at Crimple Valley Garden Centre. There wasn’t much lavender around but I was able to catch this one lonely lavender looking beautiful in the sunshine."

Dan Murdie, 10
Oatlands Junior School
"I took this at the front of my house. The herb is English lavender."

Devon Rushforth, 9
Goldthorpe Primary School
"Taken during our photography after school club."

Holly Dixon, 7
Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham Temple Grove Primary Free School
"Basil. I love this picture because the bee is pretty. When I got this close to the basil it smelt strange."

Joe Giddings, 10
Gilthill School
"Mint tea for the teacher (It's calming!)"

Xander Johnston, 7
"I used mum's camera because it was better than a phone or an ipad. It was fun to use. We have lots of herbs in our garden, but they look a bit not at their best because it's the end of summer. I like to find all the different insects, and I really like bees. Mum likes eating the fennel seeds but I don't like the taste! I like the look of the fennel plants. I like the smells of the herbs. We have chickens but for some reason they don't eat the herbs even though they eat the other plants."


11-17  age category

Autumn Joseph, 13
Harrogate Ladies' College
"This photo was taken in the early afternoon, the sun was shining directly onto the fennel plant which was positioned under a holly tree. An iPad mini camera was used to take this photograph."

Claire Dickie, 15
Larbert High School
"Berries in the snow."

Connor Reid, 13
Hillside School
"I like the way that there is only one little flower in amongst the herbs. It’s a really fragile lilac against the boldness of the purple cabbage."

Connor Reid, 13
Hillside School
"I was trying to get the silhouette of the spikes against the pavement. It was really windy and the leaves came down and I love the contrast between the red autumnal birch leave and the soft silver grey and aqua of the curry plant."

Fergus Inns, 12
The Chorister School
"I took these herb photographs in the ancient gardens of the Chorister School which is under the shadow of Durham Cathedral. The monks and priests would have grown their vegetables for hundreds of years. I got these shots early on a warm, sunny summer morning just after the sun had risen."

Heather Beer, 14
Perth Academy
"They smell amazing in the school. Purple is my colour."

Megan Brown,14
Larbert High School 
"I have choose this photograph as a photo for the competition as I like the way the purple contrasts with the green and also how the purple stands out because everything else in this photograph is blurred and is all different shades of green. The flower stands out because it is the main focus in the picture, it is really sharp and you can see all the details of the flower like the purple veins running through the delicate petals and the little spider’s webs hanging from of the flower. If you look really close to the stem you can see the amount of detail captured because of how sharp the photography is and that’s why I really like it."

Megan Brown, 14
Larbert High School 
"I choose this photograph for the competition as the details of the water on the cobweb is in focus and look very nice. Also the dead flower in the background is giving the flower in the front depth of focus. The back ground being blurred is making the flower at the front be in focus and making the main aspect and the focal point. And the fact that the main focus is sharp and detailed is why I love it."

Mollie Egan, 13
Larbert High School
"Onions with green stems."

William Lindsay-Perez, 14
Redland Green School
"For these photos, I wanted to focus mainly on composition. I used natural light and a shallow depth of field to create a colourful, interesting and visually appetising photos."

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