RHS Young Herb Photographer of the Year 2015 Shortlist

These photographs were shortlisted by the judges as their favourites

5-10 age category

Finnian Jeffrey, 8
Shrewsbury House School
"I took the pictures from my garden in the summer holidays"

Cameron Marshall, 10
Shrewsbury House School
"This is a photograph from the Herb Garden at RHS Garden Wisley"

Sasha Lozovska, 10
Churchfield Primary School
"This picture has most of the different herbs I could find in our school garden. I used chives, rosemary, fennel flowers, lemon balm and camomile"

Robin Wilkins, 10
Oatlands Junior School
"A rosemary bush growing in my front garden with a snail balanced on top"

Joseph Campbell, 10
Shrewsbury House School
"I took this photo of samphire in Woolacombe on the rocks of Barricane Beach"

Jake Juma, 10
Archbishop Benson Primary School
"Mint through a lens"

Jacob Abadeer, 5
St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
"I took this photo at the Mayfield Lavender Farm over the summer"

Michael O'Hara, 5
River Beach Primary School
"Chives. When I took a photo of this it looked really nice. I liked the purple bits that were hanging up and the bits that looked like grass were so long"

Poppy Bolton-Lake, 9
Longney CE Primary School
"This is a photograph of watermint flowers, and was taken at our village pond in Saul. It smells really nice and the bees love the flowers!"

Isabel Barnes, 10
Oatlands Junior School
"This photo was taken at the lavender farm near York"

Henry Daubeney, 9
Shrewsbury House School
"My herb display in my grandparents' herb garden"

Andrew Fitzgerald, 10
Levenvale Primary School
"Thyme to hit the road"

Phoenix Kellah-Nash, 8
Shrewsbury House School
"Dipsacus fullonum, a species of herbaceous biannual plant that flowers in July-August. I took this photo when it flowered, attracting bees and mini creatures"

Sophie Bailey, 8
The Study School
"Shadows in the morning: I took this photo of mint in my garden. I wanted the shadow of the mint flowers to be in the photo. It was hard finding the right place to stand so that there was not my shadow in there too"

Sophie Bailey, 8
The Study School
"Purple forest: I took this photo at Wisley and I chose the anise hyssop because the flowers made me think of a forest and made me wonder what it must be like for insects to live there"

11-17 age category

Lucy Harris, 17
The Ravensbourne School
"It took me a while to be able to manually focus on the tiniest droplets of the fennel. I didn't want to use droplets that were too big and looked contrived, rather use smaller droplets to create a mist or dew effect"

Anna Wilson, 14
Sir Roger Manwood's School
"I took this photo in the early evening as there was a lovely light. I liked the contrast between the garlic chive flowers and the rosemary behind it. I particularly like the long, elegant stems"

Anna Wilson, 14
Sir Roger Manwood's School
"For this photo of the borage flower I wanted to include the detail of the flower itself so I took it from below. It also gave a great blue sky background to set off the flower. I took the photo on a clear, sunny day"

Alfie Hill, 17
Ganton School

James Keenleyside, 15
Queen Anne High School
"Lemon balm herb in our eco garden"

Megan Mason-Bird,14
St. Christopher's CE School

Oliver Hawes, 12
Hove Park School
"This is my favourite herb, Basil. I chose to take a picture of this herb because we always have some on the windowsill and my mum adds it to many of her dishes, which I thoroughly enjoy. I decided I would put the herb in the garden so my picture would have natural light"

Ruairi Crawford, 11
St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School
"Sage in bloom: we tell parents that you can eat the flowers but many don't believe us - yum yum!"


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