Monster Pumpkins

Grow a record-breaker!

We're giving away 250 Monster Pumpkin seeds to Campaign for School Gardening schools around the UK and running a competition to see who can grow the heaviest one! The seeds were harvested from one of two gargantuan pumpkins grown by RHS fruit and vegetable expert, Matthew Oliver.

The deadline for applying for some of the seeds has now passed. We will be in touch with the lucky schools very soon.

Want to try growing your own Monster Pumpkin?

Get hold of some giant pumpkin seeds of your own (we recommend  'Atlantic Giant' seeds for best results) and follow the advice in our Monster Pumpkins resources (on the right of this page) for tips and advice on how to grow a whopper next year!

Monster Pumpkin competition

Read through the Monster Pumpkins competition guidelines and make sure you've understood our terms and conditions.

Check out last year's leaderboard to see how schools got on with growing monster pumpkins in 2018.

Monster Pumpkins 2018 Competition Results

Looking for advice on growing a Monster Pumpkin?

Check out our handy resources for tips and advice on how to grow a giant:

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