Harnessing the power of plants

Use plants to bring your I Can Grow campaign to life!

As part of their I Can Grow campaign, your class or group will need to explore the power of plants and demonstrate how they can benefit our lives in support of their chosen theme.

Green fingers at the ready!

Your group will need to think about how they are going to use plants to support their cause and convince others to garden for a purpose.

Below are some of our suggestions but they may wish to come up with their own ideas...

  • Grow plants to sell 
  • Give plants as gifts 
  • Host a seed swap 
  • Replant an area of the garden 
  • Create a whole new garden or growing area 
  • Share home grown food with others 
  • Conduct an experiment using plants 
  • Do some research 

More information on these can be found in the Project Guide.

Think before you grow

If your group is planning on growing new plants or adding to the garden, encourage them to think about which plants relate to their theme - if you apply for one of our Inspiration Packs, the card activity included will help with this.

Use the following prompts to help them think:

If they are growing for wellbeing, can they think of which plants smell particularly good or have brightly coloured flowers? Could they give these plants to anyone to make them smile?

If they are choosing to grow for wildlife, what flowers and plants might provide food or shelter for different animals and creatures?

If they want to help combat climate change, can they research which plants are good at trapping pollution particles or can they think of ways to make their work in the garden more sustainable?

If they want to grow food can they do anything to help feed everyone in the school or group or maybe grow food for the community or a local cafe or food bank?

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