Creating a campaign

Tips to help your group spread the word...

Once your class or group has decided on their theme and overall cause, they'll need to find their voice and shout about the benefits of gardening and the power of plants!

Together, they should plan their campaign and decide how they're going to inspire others to get behind the cause.

Top tips on running a successful campaign

With you as their facilitator or helper, your group will need to agree on how the campaign will run and think about the following:

  • Setting their goals
  • Choosing their target audience
  • Carrying out research
  • Deciding how long the campaign will last
  • Charting their success

More information on these can be found in the Project Guide.

Spreading the word

One of the most important elements of I Can Grow is sharing. Your group should think about how they are going to shout about the power of plants or get others involved.

Here are our suggestions but encourage your group to come up with their own ideas...

  • Hold an event
  • Create a display
  • Make a video or write a blog
  • Share on social media
  • Have a dress up day 
  • Send out letters to press or local councillors to promote the campaign

We've won awards!

Winner of the Drum Marketing Awards 2017
Winner of the ERA 2017 awards
Winner of the Third Sector 2017 awards