Greening Grey Britain Activities and Resources

Get some ideas and inspiration to help you green the grey

Whatever the size of your space, there is a range of things you can do to green up the grey and help boost biodiversity at the same time.

By making just a few small changes to the way you manage your space, you can bring major benefits to the creatures that call it home.

Below you will find a few suggestions for ideas and activities to get you going and we'll be adding more throughout the year. Many of our resources are written to be used in the school grounds but they can also be applied to community areas.

Ideas and resources

You can find a host of tips, tricks, ideas and activities on our resources pages but we have listed a few below to help get your on your way to greening the grey!

Getting started

Ideas to raise money for your project

Ideas for different types of garden

Activities in the garden

  • Plant a tree - everything you need to know to add structure to your garden area
  • How to sow seeds outdoors - a simple method particularly good for veg and hardy annuals
  • Container gardening - if your greening up a small space, consider growing plants in pots or recycled objects like tin cans and welly boots
  • Make a wind chime - a great addition to a sensory garden and a way of using recycled materials
  • Make signs and labels - show off your newly greened area with attractive signs to explain your project and the elements within it

Gardening for wildlife

Once your wildlife garden is established, use these resources to help identify and survey the wildlife that visit:

Find even more ideas and activities on our resource pages.

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Got your own greening ideas? Let us know...

We have many resources and ideas available but if you come up with a creative way to green the grey then click here to let us know

If we turn it into one of our resources, we'll send you a big prize to say thank you! Don't forget to send us photos and your school name in the email.

More hints and tips

The RHS website has even more ideas to help you green the grey...

  • Head to the Greening Grey Britain pages to get more simple ideas
  • Watch some of our RHS videos for tips on greening smaller grey spaces from vertical planting to container gardening
  • Search for the perfect plant for your space using the online RHS Plant Finder
  • New to gardening? The RHS has plenty of beginner guides to get you started. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and ask us anything!

Make your promise

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