Greening Grey Britain

Help us tackle the growing number of grey spaces by turning them into beautiful green places

What is Greening Grey Britain?

Greening Grey Britain is an RHS initiative inviting the nation to help tackle the growing trend of Britain paving over its gardens and green spaces and not growing any plants. At the RHS we believe it is vital to reverse this trend for the nation's health and wildlife, and to protect the UK from flooding, pollution and heatwaves.

Thousands of people from communities and schools have already helped the cause by either greening up a grey area or adding their promise to help to the RHS Greening Grey Britain website.

That is where you come in.

This year we would like to invite all of our Campaign for School Gardening members to make a New Year's Resolution to join this amazing cause and protect our planet's future. Help us make a difference to the world by going out into your community and greening up a grey area.

On this page you will find information on how you can help make an enormous difference just by making a small change. To help you get started we would like to also send you a free packet of wild cornfield seeds which are also perfect for pollinators.

Some projects may also be eligible for £500 funding toward materials and plants and well as hands-on support from RHS staff. To find out more about our funding opportunities, sign up to Greening Grey Britain and we will email you with further details.

Sign up to take part in Greening Grey Britain and apply for your free seed pack.

What can I do?

This year we're Greening Grey Britain to help support wildlife. We want you to help us achieve this by transforming a bleak grey space in your community into great green place for people and wildlife to enjoy by using plants, community action and plenty of enthusiasm!

It could be an empty concrete corner, an ugly alleyway or a boring stretch of tarmac that could use a new plant pot or hanging basket. Or perhaps there is a local medical centre or nursing home that could use a little colour. Alternatively you might want to improve an already green space by adding more nectar and pollen-rich plants.

To help you on your way, we've pulled together a list of activity ideas and resources to give you plenty of inspiration. Click here to view our resources and activities to get started.

When you’ve decided what you're going to do, please add your action to the online promise page here (remember to put your school or group name in the 'name' box).

Things to remember

Once you’ve identified a space you would like to transform, please consider any existing flora or fauna on the site and whether this should be protected. If you are unsure, consult your local Wildlife Trust for advice. Please also ensure that you have the landowner’s permission to work on the site and permission from parents to take pupils off the school grounds.

Share your photos!

Be sure to share your before and after photos on Twitter using #GreeningGreyBritain and @RHSSchools. We'll be awarding prizes to our favourite photos right up until the summer holidays.

Find out more

If you want to read more about the Greening Grey Britain campaign, click on the links below:


Watch our video about Angell Town - a very urban area in Brixton, London that was brought to life by plants and incredible community spirit:

Greening Grey Britain Summit

In May 2014, Alan Titchmarsh led a Greening Grey Britain Front Garden Summit held to discuss the state of the nation and creative solutions to the growing problem of gardens being paved over. Watch the highlights here:

Make your promise

If you're planning to take part in Greening Grey Britain, don't forget to sign the online promise page here (remember to put your school or group name in the 'name' box).

This will help us see just how many people and groups across the UK are willing to help make a difference, and encourage others to do the same.

Together we can help transform our planet into a better place for people and wildlife through the power of plants.

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