Green Plan It

An exciting and creative design project for students to explore the role plants and gardens can play in our lives

What is Green Plan It?

Green Plan It is a project designed to help secondary school students from Year 8 & 9 / S2 & 3, discover the amazing world of plants and rethink the role of green spaces and gardens.
Small teams of students are set with a challenge to come up with a creative and innovative design for a garden they would like to see in their school or community.
Over the course of 12 weeks, they will take part in fun activities to help explore plants and understand more about the benefits they can have on us as individuals, society and the environment around us.
They will also have the chance to connect with people who work with plants and in gardens to understand more about designing spaces and to help stretch their imagination about what they are for.
Teams will think about who spaces are for, the purpose of the plants and share their ideas and inspiration with a panel of people that work in the industry. Prizes will be awarded to teams that take part, and each will feedback highlighting the elements that assessors found innovative and creative.


Why we think Green Plan It is great

This is a student-led project helping them to think about community needs and environmental issues, which also grows their understanding of how plants and nature play a valuable role in our lives.
By making this project student-focused, it enables them to work on their leadership and decision-making skills, grow their confidence and work collaboratively within their team.
Green Plan It is relevant to a range of curriculum subjects including Science, D&T, Geography and Art, as well as PSHE and Citizenship, to give you more opportunity to include the work in lesson time. The project is also great for extra-curricular clubs such as STEM clubs or gardening clubs.
Green Plan It also provides an opportunity for students to discuss their ideas with garden design and plant experts and gain insight into the diversity of job roles within horticulture industry.

Want to know more?

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