Food, health and green cities

Our young reporters discover new possibilities for gardens

Urban buzz

Is it possible to find beauty in a derelict urban landscape? Garden designer Martyn Wilson thinks so. His RHS gold medal-winning garden Brownfield - Metamorphosis evokes brownfield and industrial areas. Young reporters from Surrey Youth Collective were encouraged to find wonder in these abandoned spaces and see them as areas in which to encourage biodiversity, through careful plant selection.
Martyn employed graffiti artist, Louis Masai to help create the garden. Louis' street art focusses on endangered species. For this project, his subject matter was a bee (see above), highlighting how pollinators thread our ecosystems together.

Growing for good  

Model Kelly Brook was at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, representing the Centre for Mental Health, of which she is a patron. She was there to promote On The Edge, a garden exploring mental health and the ways in which gardens can have a positive effective on individual wellbeing.
She told our reporters: 'The garden aims to encourage conversations about mental health. It's all about promoting well-being and will take you on a journey from a dark place to an enlightened place.” 


The Instant Gardener

The Youth Collective were introduced to innovative, cost-efficient ways of growing fresh food at home at Hampton Court 2017. The RHS Kitchen Garden, designed by Juliet Sargeant (and featured on Saturday Kitchen Live with The Hairy Bikers) inspired them to reconsider existing notions about food production and sustainability. Danny Clarke, also known as BBC's 'The Instant Gardener' walked around the Kitchen Garden with them and talked about life as a garden designer.

Life as a garden curator

What is a garden curator and what does the job involve? The Youth Collective tracked down garden curator, Robert Brett to discover what it takes to design, run and manage RHS Garden Hyde Hall in Essex.

“At Hampton Court I met my idol, the actor and director, Stanley Tucci. I also got to ask about work experience and learnt a lot about how to enter my chosen profession.”


“The Kitchen Garden and Brownfield Metamorphosis garden showed us that plants have lots of uses. Marigold flowers [calendula] keep bugs away and you can eat them!”


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