Environment matters

Gardening for a changing climate

Gardens with a message

How can gardens make important statements? Our Young Reporters covering the theme of 'environment' visited Not for Sale, a conceptual garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show which was designed by Tusk, a charity dedicated to conserving wildlife and developing educational programmes across Africa.

The garden was surrounded by a ring of eighty elephant tusks stuck into the ground, representing the number of elephants being killed in the wild each day. Within the ring of tusks, the garden took the form of an African savannah, strewn with model elephant bones and bullets. Our Young Reporters talked to Tusk's Mark Whyte and Sharmayne Ferguson to find out more about the garden's intended message.

Holding back the flood

Trees aren't just nice to look at, they are also powerful tools that can help us to reduce the risk of flooding in certain areas. Our Young Reporters talked to Garden Designer Will Williams about Streetscape's Holding Back the Flood garden, which represents the actions taken by a small town in Yorkshire who have used trees as an alternative to man-made defences against recurrent flooding. As they found out, the benefits have been numerous.

Not just for rainy days

The Urban Rain Garden at Hampton Court showed how small, ingenious interventions can have a big impact on conserving and making the most of water used in our gardens.

Garden designer, Rhiannon Willaims showed our Young Reporters around the space and demonstrated how easy it is to conserve and use rain water effectively in your own back yard, for the good of the planet.

"'It only takes a bullet.' - Mark Whyte, garden designer and anti-ivory trade campaigner. Please stop the advocation of ivory within our society. The UK still contributes to the ivory trade through the selling of old ivory. PLEASE please realise that the extinction of elephants IS possible. We must step up and change..."

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