All about community

How gardens can bring people together

A passion for horticulture

Garden designer and TV personality, Adam Frost gave the Youth Collective a potted history of his journey into horticulture. He also encouraged them to think about the way we eat, and how our diet affects the planet that we all share.

Gardens for the senses

To find out how gardens can bring people together in an inclusive way, the Youth Collective visited a garden designed for Blind Veterans UK, a charity for those who have served in the forces. The garden is multisensory and tactile, with strong blocks of colour and intense fragrances throughout. A willow walkway runs through the garden, which encourages visitors to explore the space via touch. Our reporters talked to garden designer, Dan Boyer and the CEO of Blind Veterans UK, Nick Caplin.

Green Plan It

Ever wondered what it takes to design a garden? The RHS Campaign for School Gardening runs Green Plan It, a competition for secondary school pupils to learn more about the skills and decision-making involved. Over ten weeks, student teams across the country are challenged with researching and designing a garden for their school or members of their community.

Last year's winners were from Swanlea School in Whitechapel. The majority of the team had little to no access to outdoor space at home, so they explored the possibility of transforming tiny balconies into relaxing, useful gardens. the Youth Collective visited a life-size model of their final design, on display at Hampton Court Flower Show. They talked to RHS Community Outreach Advisor, Chris Young and the Head of Swanlea, Brenda Landers about the challenge.

“After Hampton Court, the Youth Collective ran a campaign to stop eating meat, promote eating more fresh veg, and vegetable - not animal - protein, as Adam Frost said to look after our environment.”


“Youth Collective reporters got advice from The Guardian and Telegraph journalists who were keen to see our photos. Other people learnt from us at Hampton Court too. At one point, in the Blind Veterans UK Garden, a crowd of twenty visitors listened whilst we told them about the charitable purpose of the garden and what would happen to it.”


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